Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Can you say slacker?!  So sue me...I'm trying to keep up with two munchkins under 3, my injured husband, work, sickness, I'm lucky I know my own name much less have time to blog this past week.  I will try to update on Weigh-In Wednesday because I have some news to share.....but you'll have to check back for that!   Today is Menu's how the rest of the week is going to shake out!

Last week's recap...

M - Ham and Mac & Cheese, gb, and applesauce
T - Bubble Pizza - My 2 1/2 year old loved making this with me!  She was able to tear up the biscuits, help spread the pepperoni and was somewhat able to help spread the cheese in between eating it!  It was a definate keeper recipe!
W - Baked Cod - I just used Italian bread crumbs, salt and pepper, and parmesan - wonderful!
R - Heck if I know - but we didn't eat out!!
F - Hamburger Helper at Mom and Dad's house
S - BBQ Dove that Dad and Grandma brought over
U - Soup beans, cheesy corn dog muffins and fried potatoes - I'm not really sure where I got the muffin recipe, I assume from my friend Kelly, who I swear is Martha Stewart only cooler - but I linked RecipeZaar (my fave!) anyways!

This week's meal plan -
M - Dinner at Mom and Dad's
T - Nacho night (with yummy burritos for lunch the next day!)
W - Having some friends over for dinner - Cheezey Meatloaf, loaded mashed potatoes, gb
T - Fried Shrimp
F - Headed to DH family
S - DH family
U - More friends over for dinner - grill out pork chops

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