Monday, September 7, 2009

Goals - why set 'em?

Ok, so I procrastinate..I make plans to do something then never follow through, who doesn't, right? However, I know from my psych and marketing backgrounds that I will do so much better sticking to the goals that I have in life if I write them down, admit them out loud, tell some one, etc. - so here I go! This go round is going to be some of my personal goals - well get to family ones later...

Some personal goals -

Lose weight (ha, eight week old baby and 2 1/2 year old in tow - can you imagine why!?)

Specifically, I would like to lose about 30 pounds for appearance reasons but in all reality, if I could get more physically fit - I'm more concerned about that then I am losing weight (which probably will magically fall off if I become more fit, funny how that works...)
So my goal is going to be to find time to work out at least 3 times a week for 30 mins. on top of whatever gardening, housework, chasing the children is done. This time can be in the morning before work, which it probably will be or after I get off work. I work on a military base and we were able to get a family pass thru the MWR for $60 for the whole family for the whole year - which included passes to the pool and also the fitness center - and since I hate to let things go to waste, I better get my bootie on that!
Along with getting more active, comes eating better! I am trying to be much more conscious of portion sizes. We are very much a meat eating family, but I have never stuck to the idea that a "portion" was the size of a deck of cards - heck a "portion" is when the meat takes up 1/2 to 2/3 of your plate! See where I'm going with I'm trying to pay more attention to how much I'm eating along with what I'm eating. We had a huge garden that my uncle did this summer, so we will be cooking a lot from that this winter...and I'm going to try and make sure that I'm eating plenty of veggies. To help myself I went thru and divided things like pretzels up in snack size plastic bags (roughly 100 calories a piece) so that instead of sitting down and eating out of (or probably the whole) bag, I will grab one of my pre-made snack bags and only eat 100 calories....we shall see how this all works out!

Continue reading..

I used to be a huge book reader, but when I got married and had my daughter that all disappeared. Within the past 3 months I've gotten back in the swing of things and read more than I have in 2 years...I want to continue!
Specifically, I want to read one fun book a month (that would be of the James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Stuart Woods, etc. persuasion)

Show my husband how much I love him

That should be easy right?! However, I know for a fact that most of the time I don't stop to tell him or show him how much I care. He is the spontanious one of the two of us, so if something doesn't fit into my plan I don't want to do it....and seriously how romantic is planning out when to kiss or hug someone? It's not, but too many times I shove him away b/c I'm too "busy" working on this goal is to loosen up and show a little love!


  1. you go girl... i need to do all these too... maybe we cna work together...

  2. Really enjoyed reading all the post that you have written. How ever did you find the time? I love you so much. Yuo are such a great daughter and mother. LU MOM

  3. i just posted a recipe on my blog that bodie may like for breakfasts

  4. I try to walk everynight for about 30 minutes. Let me know if you want to want with me. I have really enjoyed reading this blog. I know i have to work on some of these for myself.


  5. Andi, What time do you walk? We were just talking about being to walk after dinner (nights that we are home) probably around 6:30/7? Just leave me a note here or facebook and let me know! Hope you are feeling better!


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