Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It is Menu Plan Monday and it is always interesting to me to look back over last week's menu and see how I did. We did eat at the house every night except for Mon. at Mom & Dad's and Sat. night which we went over to a friends's house as planned, but that is a huge accomplishment for this group! Very rarely do we stick to such a plan, but having things already figured out for dinner and planning ahead make it much easier!

Last week recap -
M - as planned
T - nacho night as planned, wrapped up the leftover beans, meat and cheese in burritos for our lunch the next day - which were fantastic! This is a definate do again!
W - we ended up doing Chix Fried Rice and Egg Drop soup. I was rather impressed with myself since I went back to work after my daughter's dance class and didn't leave until 5:15. Came home thawed the chicken, chicken broth and made everything from scratch and we were still eating dinner by 6:05! Once again it was wonderful and the lunch leftovers were just as great!
R - We ended up doing bbq chicken breasts with cheddar cheese, homemade potato chips, homemade apples, and something else - I forget now. But everything was amazing I thought and we all loved the apples and chips!
F- Deer Tenderloin and loin chops, creamed corn, green beans, and homemade pears - everything was either from something we killed or harvested from the garden, I love it!
S - with friends as planned..
U - we did a homemade pizza night. Sat. night was a little rough, we are thinking my DH and cousin got some type of food poisoning, so needless to say we needed something easy and comforting!

For this week -

M - Baked cod, gb, corn, pears
T - Deer Roast
W - potluck at church - taking baked spaghetti from freezer
R - Fried shrimp, potato chips
F - YAMS event, picnic items -
S - I'm scrapbooking with the girls so probably pizza all around!
U - Ham and mac & cheese

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